chemicals vaporise in hot shower

Does Your Shower Vaporise Harmful Contaminants?

Are shower water contaminants more dangerous to our health than when we use that same water to drink? Have you considered the vaporising effect of...

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Unlocking the Health Benefits of 7-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water: A Personal Journey

Have you ever wondered how the water you consume impacts your body? This isn’t just a rhetorical question. My life has genuinely transformed after switching...

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Hydration and Skin Health

Water is a fundamental component that sustains our overall well-being. Its importance goes beyond quenching our thirst and maintaining bodily functions – it has a...

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Calcium Scale Water Filtration

Calcium Scale Water Filtration in Perth While calcium is a healthy mineral that humans require to survive, calcium in tap water leaves damaging deposits on...

Water filter system

Whole House Water Filter Systems

How is WA Water Different to Eastern States of Australia? Our water is distinctly different to Eastern States (Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria & Queensland)....

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Sediment Filters in Whole House Water Filtration

What is a Sediment Filter? A sediment filter traps and removes particulate matter, such as dirt and debris, from your water supply. Sediment is a...