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You will be amazed at the taste of fresh filtered water that costs less than 5c per litre.

We service Residential, Commercial and Agricultural clients, and help them choose the perfect filtration solution for all their needs.

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Perth’s Water Filtration Specialists

Nothing tastes better than fresh home filtered water.

Did you know, for less than 5c per litre your entire family can enjoy crystal clear and chemical free water right out of your own taps?

Over the last 20 years we have noticed that the quality of Perth drinking water has declined. There have never been more chemicals than there are today, including chlorine and fluoride, plus many hidden dangers the general public is unaware of. Just think about all that water sitting in pipes that are 50+ years old. It travels through all those pipes and connections from the source to your home. This very long journey degrades the initial quality and causes your water to pick up other toxins like ammonia, copper, and barium.

How can you change this?

This is where a water filtration system from WestOz Water Filters will clean your water, removing toxins and other contaminants before it reaches your glass. Our water filtration systems are industry leading and can be used at home, in the office, as well as on the farm.

We have been installing water filter systems all over Perth and Western Australia for many years.  Our wide range of filters meets the needs for any size home or business. We have also developed a range of camping,  motorhome & caravan water filters to ensure safe drinking water for when you are travelling.

Servicing you is a Perth Based, Family Owned, Water Filtration Business. Both Rob & Mavis have been in business for over 40 years: Rob as a professional Tradesman; Mavis in the health industries of Nursing and Naturopathy. They have the backing of Aqua Plus owners’ 25+ years experience in the water filtration industry. Beside you is a combination of unique skills supporting the answers to your questions and whole home water filtration needs.

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Help protect our environment
You will stop spending money on bottled water when you invest in a quality water filter for your home, office, or caravan.
We have a range of systems suitable for everyone’s budget and needs.


WestOz Water Filters range of whole house water filters removes 100% chlorine, eliminating taste & smell from your drinking water. Home water filtration benefits shower, dishwasher, hot water system and more.


Our range of under sink water filters are ideal for removal of chlorine, heavy metals, cysts (giardia, cryptosporidium), fluoride, and many other contaminants. We have installation service available.


Our reverse osmosis system provides the greatest level of water filtration on the market today. These filter systems are designed for people who choose to have ALL potentially harmful contaminants removed from their drinking water.


Probably the most contentious issue with Perth’s water supply is the addition of fluoride. We have specially designed water filters that remove 99% of fluoride.


Our range of bench top water filters are perfect for most households, offering fresh filtered water without the need for installation.


For those on the road, caravan water filter systems are a great idea. When traveling, you never know the quality of water you are adding to your drinking water tank. Our range meets the needs of short and long term travelers.

Choosing the best system

Over the last 20 years we have built up a wealth of knowledge about Perth’s water supply and can help you to choose the best water filter system for your specific needs.

Domestic Systems

Rural Systems

Commercial Systems

What our clients say…

The only thing I have purchased off WestOZ water filters is a two-bob water valve for my existing under sink water filter system which I purchased from another company, I called the other company for assistance but after three days I needed an answer as it was leaking. Sent Westoz a message from their website, Mavis called me within the house, Rob had the part ready for me, Showed me how to fit it, problem fixed in no time at all. Still haven’t heard from the other company, despite emails and phone call.

Great service – thanks heaps for your time.

Andrew Miller

Twelve months ago I had a Whole of House Water Filtration System and an Under sink Water Filtration installed. WestOz Water Filters supplies extra Sediment Filters as the water in our area of Perth is awful Rob and Mavis were very knowledgeable and helpful and the after-care is A1

Susan Rennie
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