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 • West Australian Family-Owned Business

 • Exceptional Knowledge and Education

• Reducing Environmental Impact

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Did you know, almost 15 billion plastic water bottles are purchased every year in Australia? With clever marketing tactics, large companies have unfortunately led people to believe that purchasing bottled water is ‘better’ than drinking filtered tap water….but is it really?? When considering the environmental impact, cost-effectiveness, and long-term benefits, filtering your own water triumphs every time!

At WestOz Water Filters, we are passionate and dedicated to helping everyone obtain fresh, clean water straight from the tap. With an effective filtration system, we can help you achieve this, as well as reduce the alarming number of plastic water bottles ending up in Australian landfill and oceans.

Our Water Filters

Why You Should Filter Your Water

Water Filter Systems

At WestOz Water Filters, we take the time to understand your budget, your water usage, and your goals. This allows us to offer honest, helpful advice as to which filtration system will suit your needs. Our friendly team offer installation services for under sink and countertop systems, or for a whole house system, we can recommend a licenced plumber in your area.

Whole House
Water Filter Systems

Enjoy the satisfaction of filtered water from every tap in your home. When investing in a whole house filtration system, you not only improve the quality of your drinking water, but also improve skin health, reduce environmental impacts, and increase the lifespan of your household appliances by up to 50%.

Under Sink
Water Filter Systems

An under sink water filtration system provides you with clean, fresh, filtered water directly from your kitchen tap! Conveniently nestled underneath your kitchen sink, the filters are easily accessible for your annual or bi-annual filter changes, and enable you to drink and cook with fresh, clean water every day.

Water Filter Systems

For smaller spaces or if you want the option to take your system with you when moving, a DIY countertop water filtration system is perfect for your home, office, 
or rental property. The countertop system has an attractive design, quick-change filter, and is simple to install without the need of a plumber.

Water Filter Systems

You can now access pristine, fresh water every day whilst travelling on the road. As the only company in WA supplying the Resin 10”x2.5 cartridge, filtering calcium out of your water when travelling is now an option, protecting you and the entire caravan system from harmful chemicals, scale, and germs.


Whole House Installation

To ensure quality and correct installation, a plumber is required to install your whole house system for you. At WestOz Water Filters, we are proudly partnered with qualified plumbers throughout Perth. We’ve taken the stress out of finding a qualified plumber in your area and can recommend a professional to install your new whole house system for you.

Under Sink Installation

For your new under sink system, a qualified plumber may be required. However, in most cases, a good handyman will suffice so long as you already have the correct plumbing under the sink. Our team is efficient and experienced at installing our under sink systems which you can request at the time of purchase.

Caravan/Motorhome and Countertop Installation

Both the caravan/motorhome filtration systems and the countertop water filters are completely DIY! These systems are straightforward, simple to install, and come with easy-to-follow instructions on how to change the cartridges as well as both install and uninstall the unit. For your convenience you receive hardcopy instructions and an electronic option.

** All WestOz filtration products come with a five (5) year warranty on manufacturing parts giving you peace of mind, as well as a fantastic filter system.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Whole House System – Depending on the amount of digging or roof climbing involved by the plumber, allow 2-3 hours.

Under Sink RS2000/Twin Cannister – allow 1 hour.

Under Sink Reverse Osmosis – allow 1.5 hours.

Start with consideration of your budget and go from there.

Installing an under sink or countertop system is better than no home water filtration system at all. Installing a whole house system will provide you with a much broader benefit, including health of the home appliances as well as family health.

One of the biggest factors is the location of your home. Over the years we have gained first-hand knowledge about the quality of water from each different suburb and can advise on the best water filter system that will efficiently filter your mains supply. Water quality is also determined by the age of the house and local construction works in progress.

The second factor that you should be considering when choosing a water filter system is the number of people in your home. Our 3 stage system at WestOz will serve up to nine (9) people without losing pressure, no matter how large your house is.

The third factor is the type of water you are filtering, other than scheme. If you are filtering rain, dam, or bore water, this may require an assessment to facilitate the correct system advice. We can refer you to a Perth water testing laboratory to have a professional assessment made.

Absolutely! By switching to a filtered water system at home, you will end up saving greatly long-term. Areas you will save may include:

  • Fresh, clean water you can drink straight from the tap that costs less than 5cents/litre! You’ll no longer need to buy bottled water (which also helps our environment by reducing plastic wastage).
  • With whole house filtration, white goods will endure by up to 50% longer without harsh chemicals being used in your washing machine, dishwasher, coffee machine etc.
  • Clothing/linen will last longer, free from harsh unwanted chemicals in your water such as chlorine. Save on no longer purchasing fabric softener (whole house system).
  • Time saved when cleaning areas such as the shower – No more calcium stains!
Depending on which filtration system you select and how many filters are in the system, will affect which chemicals are filtered out of your tap water. For example, a Reverse Osmosis System has four-six filters versus a one or two stage system which has just one or two filters. Chemicals which may be removed when filtering water include:
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Ammonia
  • Sulphate
  • Fluoride
  • Chlorine
  • Chloride
  • Calcium
  • Nitrate
  • Sodium
  • Barium
  • Copper
  • Floride
  • Lead
Learn More about contaminant removal

Some people do like to re-mineralise their water if they have a 4 stage reverse osmosis system installed. These filters remove all chemicals, including some that are good for the body. Adding just a few pinches of Himalayan rock salt into your drinking/cooking water is a way to help add rich minerals back into your water.