Benefits of a Water Filtration System

Why Make the Switch?

Goodbye Harmful Chemicals! • Reduced Environmental Footprint • Minimise Skin Irritation • Incredible Savings

• Goodbye Harmful Chemicals!

• Reduced Environmental Footprint

• Minimise Skin Irritation

• Incredible Savings

Environmental Protection

Did you know, plastic water bottles which end up in our ocean and landfill take up to 450 years to breakdown! During the breakdown process, the harmful chemicals which bottles are made of, seep into the earth and the ocean. Plastic bottles in the ocean are consumed by marine life, which is incredibly harmful for them, and for everyone who enjoys seafood…basically…we’re eating plastic!

By investing in water filtration systems, you not only save money by no longer buying plastic water bottles, but you can have peace of mind knowing you are contributing to reducing the amount of plastic which is harming our planet.

Donate to Clean Up Australia and help reduce
the pollution in our environment!

Cost Saving

Eliminate the need to buy bottled water and save instantly! Additionally, the best solution in the long run is to invest in a whole house water filter system. This ensures your drinking, bathing, cleaning, and outdoor tap water is fresh, clean, and chemical-free. Cost saving benefits of a whole house filter system include:

Household Health

Making the switch to a whole house filter system makes a huge difference in ensuring your family’s health is being looked after. You may notice skin irritations and sensitive skin, rashes, inflamed eyes, and sensitivity all reduce through improved water quality. With chemical-free, better tasting water, drinking unfiltered tap water is suddenly a pleasure and your family will become better hydrated.

Removal of dangerous contaminants and harsh toxins from your drinking water may also reduce the risk of calcium build-up in the human body and subsequent chronic diseases and health problems such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, gall bladder infections, and Osteophytes which all affect your health over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right water filtration system for you depends on a few different factors. We have designed a simple ‘Find the Right System for Us’ checklist to assist you.

Typically, we find home owners throughout metropolitan Perth require the water softener included in their Whole House Filtration System, to remove scale, clean up shower screens, and protect appliances.

People who wish to remove fluoride from their water, will be very happy with our Under Sink 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis that re-mineralises, pH balances (alkalizes), and re-oxygenates your drinking water. Smooth, silky, sensational tasting filtered water!

For Tenants we have a choice of Bench Top single canister system or the Benchtop CT2000 Twin.

Absolutely! We’ve put in the hard yards to find qualified plumbers in various areas of Perth Metro who know how to install our systems. Touch base with our team to discuss your options.

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Whole house water filters remove up to 85% of contaminants, however the under sink reverse osmosis system removes up to the remaining 14.9% (including fluoride), and the RS2000 12% making it 99.9% and 97% respectively fresh, pure water. Valuable minerals remain in your water.