Caravan Water Filter Systems

Fresh, Clean Water on The Road

Connection to Standard Hose Fittings • High Efficiency Grade Filter • Quick, Easy Installation • UV Protected System

• Connection to Standard Hose Fittings

• High-Efficiency Grade Filter

• Quick, Easy Installation

• UV Protected System

Caravan & Motorhome Systems

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or an Australian outback adventure, access to clean water has never been easier. Investing in a water filtration system for your caravan/motorhome ensures you protect your internal water pump system from unwanted bacteria, dirt, and rubbish which may cause long-term damage. Enjoy the freedom of accessing clean, uncontaminated water no matter your location.

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Installation of our caravan and motorhome systems are completely DIY – no plumber required. Easy-to-follow instructions are enclosed with your system so in just 5 minutes, you’ll be enjoying clean, fresh filtered water.

** All WestOz filtration products come with a five (5) year warranty giving you peace of mind, as well as a fantastic filter system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Once you have filled your tank, remove the hose to the tank.
  • Reverse the filter & re-attach to water source hose.
  • Flush for 30 seconds.
  • If not using the filter for more than a month, back flush with filtered water if possible. Remove brass fittings. Wrap in cling-wrap and store in fridge.

Only using your filter for a short period? Remove brass fittings and wrap your cartridge in plastic wrap. Store in refrigerator to prevent mould and bacteria growth. Reinstall & flush for 1-2 litres before next use.

Sure can! We have an exciting range of water filtration products for adventurers, caravaners, and RV enthusiasts. The most popular system is our ‘Caravan Inline GAC Silver System’. This can be used for filtering water from a variety of sources, ensuring you have safe, germ-free water when travelling. We also have standalone and plumbed systems that will fit neatly under the sink. We have personally travelled extensively and are familiar with the best use of all systems, enabling us to provide advice as to which option will suit you and your caravan.

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We generally recommend every 10-12 months, however, it depends on how often you’re out and about on your travelling adventures. It is a good idea to check the recommendations on each system.

Investing in a WestOz Reverse Osmosis system will ensure 99.9% removal of fluoride from your drinking water. We have both Portable and fixed Under Sink systems available, however both will use a little space so be sure to choose an option that will fit into your RV. Enjoy drinking fluoride and chemical free water from your very own reverse osmosis system immediately. You will be so happy!

Great question! At WestOz, we have developed a 3 stage filtration concept. Our Resin 10”x2.5” is unique to WA. Insert a sediment and resin cartridges into the Twin Hi Flow system, then add in the caravan (GAC) inline filter. This whole system removes dirt, dust, rust, large particles, calcium/scale, chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria/cysts, and fungi. Looking after the health of your family, your caravan (shower, toilet, and hot water system) and the health of our environment – no more plastic bottled water!