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• Remove Harsh Chemicals from Your Water

• Connection with Qualified Plumbers

• Cost Effective Solution

• Quality Assurance

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Whole House Systems

Have peace of mind knowing your home is healthier with a whole house water filter system. Our whole house systems are designed for mains water supplies, rainwater tanks, and even bore water systems. No matter your location or water source, we have a solution for you. Our friendly customer service team will chat about various options and help advise which option best suits you and your home. A certified plumber is required for installation of your whole house unit. At WestOz we have developed trusted partnerships with various qualified plumbers across Perth to ensure you’re in good hands.

Scheme Water

Almost all Western Australians receive drinking water supplies from licensed and regulated public drinking water supply systems (known as scheme suppliers). To ensure it meets the WHO standards for safe drinking water, chlorine is added giving it a bitter, unpleasant, chlorine taste. WestOz whole house water filters work to remove basic particles like rust, sand, and silt. In addition, we also eliminate 99.9% of chlorine, along with calcium/scale and many other chemicals from your water supply giving you delicious tasting, fresh, clean water from every tap in your home.

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Rain Water

By attaching one of our 2 stage systems to your main rainwater supply tank, you can enjoy fresh, safe, filtered water from every outlet throughout your home. Your drinking, washing and showering water will be significantly improved when you invest in a tank water filtration system. The Bacteriostatic Carbon Silver cartridge is used by families across Australia to improve their rain water supply in the following ways:

Bore Water

Contaminants such as fertilizers and industrial waste can easily seep into the groundwater, which can cause serious issues if/when ingested. It is important that bore water is regularly tested and treated to ensure it is suitable for both drinking and cooking. We can recommend labs in Perth to have your bore water tested, to ensure the correct water filter is installed. The results will guide you as to whether you require a 2 Stage or 3 Stage filtration system. At WestOz, our product range features specialised filters for bore water filtration which remove the potentially high levels of:

Benefits for Your Home

Enjoy purified, quality water at every outlet in the house and protect your family against chemicals contaminating your water. A home filter system ensures you have clean, safe, healthier water for drinking, bathing, and cleaning. You’ll also improve your family’s health, reduce environmental impacts, and increase the lifespan of your household appliances. Our systems work to improve the taste and odour of your water by reducing:

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Family Health

Watch your family consume more ‘tap water’ which tastes smooth and delicious. You may notice several significant changes in your family’s health after installing home water filter systems, such as:

• Increased water consumption and benefits of improved hydration
• Reduced eye irritation from shower vapours
• Reduced skin irritation and rashes
• Improved general internal health

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Home Health

A whole house filter system will protect your household appliances such as your hot water system, washing machine, dishwasher, kettle, and coffee machine, giving them more durability and an increased lifespan – up to 50% longer! The water softener included in a whole house filtration system also removes scale build up on your kitchen splash backs, showers, and glass screens, requiring less cleaning, less frequently.

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Environmental Health

You can contribute to a healthier environment as you reduce plastic bottles from ending up in oceans, food chains, and eventually back into human beings. It may not seem like much but when 15 billion water bottles are purchased every year in Australia, reducing the amount you buy is just one small step into creating a healthier, thriving environment for future generations.


At WestOz Water Filters, we are proudly partnered with qualified plumbers throughout Perth. To ensure quality and correct installation, a plumber is required to install your system for you. We’ve taken the stress out of finding a qualified plumber in your area and can recommend a professional to install new water filter systems for you.

** All WestOz filtration products come with a five (5) year warranty on manufacturing parts giving you peace of mind, as well as a fantastic filter system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right filtration system for you depends on a few different factors. We have designed a simple ‘Find the Right System for Us’ checklist to assist you.

Typically, we find home owners throughout metropolitan Perth require the water softener included in their Whole House Filtration System, to remove scale, clean up shower screens, and protect appliances.

People who wish to remove fluoride from their water, will be very happy with our Under Sink 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis that re-mineralises, pH balances (alkalizes), and re-oxygenates your drinking water. Smooth, silky, sensational tasting water!

For Tenants we have a choice of Bench Top single canister system or the Benchtop CT2000 Twin.

Absolutely! We’ve put in the hard yards to find qualified plumbers in various areas of Perth Metro who know how to install our systems. Touch base with our team to discuss your options.

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A whole house system removes up to 85% of contaminants, however the under sink reverse osmosis system removes up to the remaining 14.9% (including fluoride), and the RS2000 12% making it 99.9% and 97% respectively pure, fresh water. Valuable minerals remain in your water.