Calcium Scale Water Filtration in Perth

Efficient removal by WestOz Water Filters – your Perth Water Filtration Specialists

Is scale/calcium in your water taking up time for you in your home?

  • cleaning the kettle every week
  • cleaning the glass shower screen daily
  • replacing tap washers way too frequently
  • removing build-up from the shower head
  • de-scaling the coffee machine

Is scale/calcium in your water costing you money?

  • extra abrasive cleaning products
  • extra time paying the housecleaner
  • premature replacement of hot water system
  • fabric softener in the washing machine
  • descaler for coffee machine 4x/yr instead of 1/yr
  • increased water bill because of leaking taps you haven’t had time to replace
  • replacing pitted chrome taps/handles for new ones

Is scale/calcium in your drinking water affecting your health?

  • kidney stones
  • gall stones
  • hardening of arteries
  • spurs on joints

Calcium carbonate in our scheme water is so fine it cannot be seen.
It is tasteless, odourless.
However – it is not broken down in the body.
It is not absorbed into the cells.
It sits OUTSIDE the cells, creating damage – inflexible arteries, painful joints with spurs on them, kidney issues with stone formation

Only a RESIN water filter system will remove the calcium from your home, as well as your drinking water.

Not able to install a Whole House Water Filtration system?

Only a Reverse Osmosis Under Sink system will remove 95-99% calcium from your drinking water.