10″ x 4.5 – 5uM Sediment Filter Cartridge

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10″ x 4.5 – 5uM Sediment Filter Cartridge



The Sediment Polypropylene spun filter ensures the basic type of filtration. The sediment filter removes rust, dirt, leaves, dust, particles, clay and debris from the water.

  • Spun Sediment filter
  • 5 micron
  • High efficiency grade filter
  • Ideal for all types of water quality


The sediment filter made from spun bonded polypropylene, the manufacturing technique of these cartridges results in no centre core to the filter, thus not restricting the filter performance. The materials also provide a resilient barrier to bacterial/chemical influence – preventing any build of unwanted waste (e.g. algae).

The Poly Spun filter cartridge will capture basic particles in water to about 5 micron.

Fits all standard 10″ big blue filter housings and easy installation/replacement AQUJBH1.


Model Sediment Poly Spun
Dimensions 10″
Cartridge Size 10″ x 4.5
Micron rating 5 um
Water Type Tank, Town, River, Creek, Bore
Eliminates Sand, Dust, Dirt, Rust
Cartridge Replacement Period 6 – 8 months