A Guide To Caravan Water Filters

What Is A Caravan Water Filter?

Caravan water filters are a type of water filter system designed to reduce dirt, rust and algae from your drinking water supply. These water filters also aid in removing chemical and chlorine tastes and odours from drinking water. They are ideal for use in caravans and camper trailers when filling your water tank to ensure high water quality while travelling.


Types of Caravan Water Filters

There are a few common types of filter systems that are designed for use on caravans, RVs or a motor home, providing you with clean water.


In Line Water Filters

Caravan Inline water filters are designed to be installed within your water pipeline system, which can be done in a few ways:

  • Between your mains water supply and your caravan when hooked up directly.
  • Between your water hose and water tank inlet when filling tanks.
  • Permanently installed in your caravan water pipes between your tanks and water outlets – sinks, showers, etc.

When connected to the public water supply, the inline water filter will safely draw water removing the taste, killing chlorine resistant cysts, and reducing sediment as the water flows through your outlets.

If using your inline filter when filling up your storage tanks, then it will purify water (the same as direct connection) but will also prevent sediment and chlorine resistant cysts, from entering your water tanks, a great option for keeping your water cleaner for longer.


Cannister (Hi Flow) Style Filters

Alternative to an inline filter, an external cannister system can also be used to filter water for your caravan. A variety of cartridge types can be inserted into these systems to remove dissolved minerals, algae, heavy metals, calcium / scale and other contaminants.

Many travellers store this set up inside their van and set it up when filling up. However, housing systems can utilise click-on garden hose fittings which simplifies the process, providing high levels of convenience. Another option is to mount the filter system on the outside of the van and connect it via a short piece of hose to the inlet valve.


What Does A Caravan Filter Cartridge Remove From Water?

Contaminants in the water are filtered out depending on the type of filter cartridge utilised in the system. Common contaminants people are eager to remove from their water include:

  • Chlorines and chloramines
  • Cyst parasites
  • Bacteria
  • Heavy metals
  • Rust
  • Sediment – dirt, sand, silt, etc.
  • Chemicals and pesticides


How Often Should Caravan Water Filter Hi Flow Cartridges Be Changed?

How often you change your cartridges really depends on where you are travelling, how long you are travelling and how many people are in the van, using the caravan water.


Canister / Hi Flow Systems:

  • Check the sediment filter every four weeks. Replace when fully brown and beginning of every new trip.
  • Carbon filters & Carbon Silver filters will last 12 months. Replace end of each trip or store in fridge wrapped in plastic wrap to avoid mould growth.
  • When water slows down or taste changes, ready to replace.


Caravan Inline Filter

  • Every 9,500 litres
  • When the flow rate reduces, and water taste comes through.
  • See maintenance below to extend the life of your Caravan Inline Filter

As a general rule, you should change your caravan filters / cartridges every six to twelve months or whenever you are preparing your van for its next adventure. Maintaining consistent filter changes at the recommended intervals will ensure your caravan and holiday is free from contaminated water.


How To Get The Most Out of Your Inline Caravan Water Filter

To ensure you are gaining the most out of your inline caravan water filter, there are some best practices that should be adhered to. Below we have outlined a few tips to maximise the value of your inline caravan water filter system.

Filling Your Tank

Back Flushing

  • Back flush after you have filled your tank, every single time.
  • When tank is full, reverse the filter; allow water from the mains to flush out the filter.
  • Back flushing enhances the life of your filter.

Parking Up For Extended Periods (One Month+)

  • Remove brass fittings and store in a safe place.
  • Seal the ends of the filter cartridge with glad wrap and store in the refrigerator.
  • Before using again, flush with a litre of water, before filling your tank.

Mounting Clips

  • These can be used to stabilise the filter on the ground when in use.
  • Can also be used to permanently mount the filter on your vehicle.


How To Remove Calcium From Your Water Whilst Caravanning

At WestOz Water Filters, we have designed a 3 Stage System that will protect your shower, toilet, and hot water system from prematurely clogging up with calcium / scale.

This is particularly useful for traveling in Western Australia, South Australia & Northern Territory.

Combine Hi Flow (Sediment & Resin cartridges) with Inline Caravan Silver / GAC filter

  • Stages 1 & 2: Removes dirt, dust, rust, calcium3 stage water filtration for camping
  • Stage 3: Removes chlorine 99.9%, chlorine resistant cysts, any residual bacteria, some heavy metals.

Providing you with tasty water, soft water for washing, as well as protecting your water appliances in your van. This system saves you lots of money when travelling in high calcium / hard water areas for more than two weeks!