Inline Silver GAC Caravan Filter – Replacement

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Inline Silver GAC Caravan Filter – Replacement



The Inline Caravan Filter System is is the ultimate solution to safe purified water, no matter how remote the location of your camping adventures. It’s never been easier. Simply connect on main water in caravan parks and even pumping water from river or creek water when offroad.

  • Portable system – connects to standard hose fittings
  • 100% Silver Safe technology to fight all nasties from the water.
  • High efficiency grade filter
  • Reversible back flush able system
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Ideal for all types of water quality
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The silver inline caravan filter system is an ideal portable water filter for RV enthusiasts, campers and anyone travelling on the road. Excellent whilst on the road the provides the ability to enjoy clean, fresh water in minutes.

This inline system is specifically designed to connect to a mains water tap to filter water while filling your tank or directly to the inlet water line. This kit is highly effective at reducing chlorine, bad taste & odour, as well as some organic chemicals.

The system utilises carbon block filtration matched to your needs offering the superior reduction of tastes, odours, chemicals, metals and bacteria, leaving you with water that not only tastes great, but that is also good for you!

Additional Information

MODEL Caravan Inline Silver Replacement
WATER FILTER CARTRIDGE Carbon + Silver Impregnated
WATER TYPE Tank, Town, River, Creek, Bore
✔ Dust
✔ Dirt
✔ Rust
✔ Smell
✔ Taste
✔ Odour
✔ Heavy Metals
CARTRIDGE REPLACEMENT PERIOD 10 – 12 months (depending on water quality)


  • 1 x Inline Silver Caravan Filter only (no fittings included)