Sediment Cartridges in Whole House Water Filtration System

What does the Sediment Cartridge do?

Removes large particles, rust, dust, sand.
It protects the Resin, Carbon, Carbon Silver and KDF/Heavy Metal cartridges.
When managed as per below, the more expensive cartridges will last 10-12 months.

How many microns (uM) should the Sediment Cartridge be?

Either 5uM or 10uM
We usually provide 10uM for scheme water and 5uM for bore water.
If a sediment cartridge smaller than 5uM is used in a whole house filtration system, it will slow down the water flow.

How do I know when to change the Sediment Cartridge?

When new, the Sediment Cartridge is white.
When fully used, it is light – dark brown fully to the centre.

We recommend checking the cartridge three months after installation.
If still some white remains in the centre, place it back in.
If fully brown, replace.

How often should the Sediment Cartridge be changed?

  • 3 Stage Whole House System Scheme Water

The Northern suburbs of Perth and beyond have relatively hard water and go through four Sediment Cartridges per year.
The Southern suburbs of Perth generally go through three per year.
The South West coastal area of WA: a family in Esperance goes through one cartridge in five weeks and Albany one cartridge in three months.

  • 2 Stage Whole House Tank / Bore Water

When the 2 Stage is being used to filter rainwater, the Sediment Cartridge will last six months, usually.
When the 2 Stage is being used to filter bore water, the same principles apply as to 3 Stage scheme water.

How can I remember when to change the Sediment Cartridge?

There is a gauge on each filter.
When you first install your system, mark the gauge where the black needle points to.
When your Sediment Cartridge is full, the needle will have dropped. Mark this point.
You can then observe the gauge instead of opening the cylinder all the time.