Our Resin cartridge is only 10” x 4.5”, yet lasts up to 12 months.

Why is this?

Resin Water Softener – how it works

Our resin water filter contains a 10” column, filled with beads of polymer resin. The small beads create a large surface area in contact with water as it flows past.

The resin is made of polymer that binds positively charged ions. Initially the polymer surface is saturated with sodium ions, meaning that there are sodium ions available on the surface of each bead, ready for exchange. These ions are weaker than calcium & magnesium ions. The polymer is designed specifically to bind more strongly to the calcium & magnesium ions, than to the sodium ions.

When the hard water flows past the 1000’s of resin polymer beads, the calcium & magnesium ions will bind to the polymer, displacing the sodium ions into the water.

KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) – how it works

It’s a filter media that contains high-purity copper-zinc granules to reduce contaminants in water through a redox reaction – oxidation or reduction. The KDF process media reduces heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, and chlorine. Once again, the technology of ion exchange is used here.

Sediment filter – how it works

To maintain efficiency of the Resin & KDF filters, we have found in Western Australia that more frequent changing of the sediment is required, to remove increasing large particles before going through the other two filters. If this is not done, the work load is increased in the second two filters, reducing their efficiency for what they are designed to do: remove calcium, chlorine & heavy metals. For this reason, we include two sediment filters with the initial 3 Stage Whole House System purchase.