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Home Water Filtration V Bottled Water

Benefits of drinking water filtered from your own home:

  • You know exactly what you are drinking
  • No more plastic bottles going into landfill from you
  • Improved taste, smell, odour of your water
  • Increase in water consumption because it tastes great!
  • More economical than bottled water

Disadvantages of drinking bottled water:

  • Often sits on the back of a truck in the summer sun
  • Uncertainty of origin and treatment process. Many companies use reverse osmosis then put chlorine &/or fluoride back into that water before bottling.
  • Plastic bottles contaminate our ocean waters, pollute our fish with nano-particles of plastic and take up valuable space in our landfill.
  • It has been proven there are nano-particles of plastic in the
    bottled water we drink, toxifying our bodies.
  • One family told us they spent $1500 in a year for bottled water.
  • Some bottled water costs more/litre than the fuel you put in your car.

Benefits of filtering water to your whole house:

  • Protects all appliances using water from scale: hot water system, washing machine, dishwasher, coffee machine, kettle, taps, and shower head.
  • Protects shower from buildup of scale and deterioration of glass and tiles.
  • Skin is no longer being saturated with chlorine water: safer for babies’ skin.
  • Softens hair, especially when using water softener with our 3 Stage Whole House system.

The most economical combination in Perth WA for the best family health results are:

  • 3 Stage Whole House with Sediment, Resin Softener & KDF/Heavy Metal Cartridges
  • Under Sink 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis – removes everything including fluoride. Valuable minerals are replaced and your water is also alkalized and oxygenized.