Omnipure Inline Sediment Filter

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Omnipure Inline Sediment Filter



The Omnipure Sediment Inline Filter cartridge is compatible for all fridges with an external filter – with 1/4″ tube or copper pipe used for water inlet. The Omnipure Inline sediment filter eliminates sediment and basic particles contaminated in the water.

  • Sediment Inline Filter
  • Removal of Sediment basic particles
  • 5 micron
  • High efficiency grade filter
  • Ideal for Tank/Town water


The inline sediment filter is one of Omnipure’s K series inline filters that easily install directly to your water line and reduce weeping or seepage potential. This filter in particular uses depth filtration to reduce sediment particles up to 5 microns.

Omnipure’s engineering team created a new, state-of-the-art compression moulding process. This advanced method produces a strong, one-piece carbon block with an extended life. It is unsurpassed at removing sand, dirt, rust and other basic particles in the water.

Fits fridges with external tube connection for easy installation/replacement.


Model Omnipure Inline Sediment
Dimensions 10″
Cartridge Size 10″
Micron rating 5 um
Water Type Tank, Town
Eliminates Sand, Dust, Dirt, Rust
Cartridge Replacement Period 6 – 8 months (depending on water quality)