How to get rid of scale & calcium from your household water?

Have you noticed any of these issues recently?

  • The taps are wearing out in three months
  • The shower head clogs up in six weeks
  • The powdery white film on the shower glass keeps the glass looking permanently dirty, despite cleaning daily.
  • The water tastes terrible
  • The kettle is lined with scale & takes longer to boil, using more electricity
  • Coffee machine needs descaling every two months
  • The water is so hard, my hair does not lather when shampooing
  • I get out of the shower and my skin feels dry, itchy and rough.

“Did you know the most cost effective way to have soft water PLUS pleasant tasting water is to attach a 3 Stage Whole House system between your water meter and the pipe that brings water into the house?”

How it works:

Stage One – Sediment Filter removes dirt, dust, rust & large particles

Stage Two – Resin Filter is the most powerful and finest filtration: removes calcium, magnesium
& iron through a process of ionization. Ideal for hard water

Stage Three – Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) Heavy Metal Filter – uses top technology to
remove bacteria, cysts, chlorine & heavy metals, so your water tastes and
smells great to drink.

Benefits of our 3 Stage Whole House Filtration System:

Household benefits: Less money spent on prematurely worn out plumbing

  • Kettle has no scale – save electricity as it boils quicker
  • Longer wearing plumbing fittings: taps, shower head
  • Can increase the life of your washing machine, dishwasher, hot water system, coffee machine by up to 50% – save on new appliances
  • Bathroom glass doors & walls easy to keep clean – great time saver!

Health benefits: Less money spent on repairing prematurely worn out bodies

  • Did you know inorganic calcium is not absorbed into the cells and deposits outside the cells, contributing to heel spurs, thickening of blood vessels, kidney and gall stones?
  • Reduces the chemicals being put into your body that are deemed safe by our governments, yet many people are complaining of them
  • Dehydration is common when not liking the taste of water coming out of the tap. Increased water intake has numerous health benefits.
  • Skin feels great! Hair lathers luxuriously!
  • Convenience of not having to buy bottled water anymore. Compare $2/L+ bottled water with less than 2c/L own filtered water. Less bulk in your shopping trolley.

To find out more about our 3 Stage Whole House Filtration System contact us here or simply call us on 0879997825, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.