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As a family owned business for 40 years and having personally used filtration systems for the past 20 years, you can be rest assured we know how to service your water filtration needs. Backed by 30 years of experience in the water filtration industry, we are the experts you need to choose the right filtration system.

Our Customer Care is second to none and we provide the best knowledgeable advice to our valued clients.

We are confident you will enjoy your WestOz purchase that includes our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee to all our customers. See our refund policy for eligibility.

Filtered water offers many benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Removal of chlorine taste & smell – the whole family will dink more water
  • Improved hydration – many customers see improvement in skin and mental clarity.
  • Environmental friendly – reduction of plastic in landfill waste and oceans.

You can read more on benefits of filtered water in this blog post

Water that is higher in ionic minerals, maintaining the pH at 7.5-8 and are good for our bodies, we refer to as alkaline water. Also referred to as ‘buffered’.

Research has shown that when drinking alkaline water, you can improve your energy levels, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and enhance your immune system and much, much more.

You can read more about alkaline water and its benefits in this blog post.

The difference between filtered water and purified water is all in the filtering process. Both types of water are subject to filtration.

However, purified water is cleansed and purified through additional means, such as deionization, distillation and reverse osmosis. This extra purification step increases the purity of the water significantly.

Definitely! No longer do you need to spend ridiculous amounts of your hard earned money on bottled water. Not to mention the reduced cost in cleaning up our environment of plastic bottles!

You can save up to 50% on the lifetime of your home appliances & tap fittings with our Whole House filter. We are 100% confident you will be happy with your investment into a healthier, happier, more economical lifestyle! See more on savings here.

Choosing the right filtration system for you depends on a few different factors. We have designed a simple Find the Right System for Us checklist to assist you.

For Home Owners, we do find that in metropolitan Perth, most houses require the water softener included in their Whole House Filtration System, to remove scale, clean up shower screens and protect appliances.

People who wish to remove fluoride from their water, will be very happy with our Under Sink 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis that re-mineralizes, pH balances (alkalizes) and re-oxygenates your drinking water. Such smooth tasting water!

For Tenants we have a choice of Bench Top single canister system and Benchtop Reverse Osmosis.

Camping & Caravanning? We have solutions for you too!

If you have any questions about the Guide, call Rob +61 407 082 765 for more information.

Bench Top single canister system that fits onto your existing tap over the sink

Reverse Osmosis 4 Stage Counter Top. Attaches to existing kitchen sink tap.

No drilling of holes into the kitchen sink for these two.

Easy to remove and take with you to your next rental home.

Check out our Counter Top Systems here

Sure can! We have specialized filters for bore water filtration. You can view the perfect bore water filtration system here in our online store.

More questions? We problem solve really well. Just a phone call away: Rob +61 407 082 765

Absolutely! Western Australia & Perth water is high in calcium. Due to our poor rainfall, we are told the dams are supplemented with ground (bore) water.

We have specialized filters that can easily be installed on the main line to remove calcium and scale. These can be found in our bore water filtration. When combined with sediment removal & heavy meatal/ chlorine/bacteria removal filters, you have an amazingly efficient system for your whole house. For more information go to our blog.


Our products are made across Taiwan, Thailand, USA & Australia. They are all rigorously tested and certified to stringent Australian Standards & Water Certifications, so you can be 100% satisfied they are of nothing but the highest quality.

Yes! Contact your plumber attending to your new home. Work out with them where the best place to install you Whole House System is. The plumber can then have the pipes ready for installation after you move in. This will save you some money in plumbing fees later on.

In Perth Metropolitan and most of Western Australian towns, we recommend changing the sediment cartridge at least every six months, due to the high sediment in our water. Some require changing every 3-4 months. Other cartridges we generally recommend every 10-12 months. It is a good idea to check the recommendations on each system.

If your water flow slows down or tastes of chlorine, time to change the  cartridges!

There is no need for you to pay us to change your filter’s catridges.

For your canister systems, we provide you with a spanner to easily undo the canister, turning clockwise, replace with new cartridge and do up again.

For the Quick Change UnderSink systems, we show you how to simply remove the cartridges and replace with new ones.

It’s easy! Our Bench Top filters are a fully DIY system – no plumbing required.

Multiple adaptors are included in your purchase to accommodate different tap sizes. Just choose the right size adaptor to fit your tap. Attach the system following the enclosed instructions, making sure all O rings are in place for complete water seal and you’re all set to go.

In just 5 minutes, you can be enjoying clean, filtered water.

Sure can! We have an exciting range of water filtration products for the adventurer, caravaners & RV enthusiast.

The most popular system is our Caravan Inline GAC Silver System. This can be used for filtering water from a variety of sources, ensuring you have safe water when traveling.

We also have standalone and plumbed systems that will fit neatly under the sink.

Rob & Mavis have traveled extensively and familiar with the best use of all systems. If unsure, give Rob a call: +61 407 082 765

Check out our CARAVAN Systems here

Investing in a WestOz Reverse Osmosis system will ensure 99.9% removal of fluoride from your drinking water.

We have both Portable and fixed Under Sink systems available.

Enjoy drinking fluoride and chemical free water from your very own reverse osmosis system immediately. You will be so happy!


Yes. The happiness of our customers is our highest priority. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with any product purchased from us.

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WestOz provides a minimum 12 month warranty on ALL products.

Speak with one of our friendly support staff right away. We know how disappointing it is to receive an order that is not quite what you are looking forward to. We are great problem solvers and will work as efficiently as possible to resolve your problem.

Call Rob +61 407 082 765 with any product issues.

Our customers are our most valued assets. We know this. We are here to help, always!

We do! Call Rob +61 407 082 765 and ask about discounts relating to large orders. We will be more than happy to discuss any savings we can offer you.

We also offer discounts on selected filter cartridges you can take advantage of.

Our excellent prices do not include installation.

We have a licensed plumber we can refer you to. Just let us know if you require any help.

Definitely! Call Rob +61 407 082 765 and we will find a plumber in your area to install your system. We also give this information at time of purchase.


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If you are not at home, your product will be left at an official collection place.

You will be required to show ID, such as your Driver’s Licence, on pick up.