Our History

Who we are

As a tradesman in the building industry, Rob offers practical advice on choice of filter that best suits, according to where you live in Western Australia. “I make sure you have the system you are looking for to protect your family’s health. For most of your water filtration problems there is a solution.”

As a naturopath, Mavis believes that you should never have to compromise on your family’s health and wellness, when it comes to drinking filtered water. “I have been recommending water filters to all my clients for over 20 years. What I have found is that people tend to drink more water because it’s convenient and tastes great.”

We both know: choice matters. Your family and loved ones: matter. Your health and wellness when caravan travelling: matters. Increasing the life of your household water-  using  appliances: matters.

At WestOz, we listen and we know what matters to you. Our commitment is to serve you,  your family and the people you love. We have in-depth knowledge and experience in the use of Domestic, Caravan and Rural systems.

We are creating exposure throughout Western Australia via promotions at trade shows, online marketing and exhibitions. We participate in Caravan & Camping Expos, Field Days, Country Shows and Home Shows in Perth city. Convenience of our online shop ensures you, the customer, have access to all our products at any time.

With changes in technologies, we are always looking for new ways to expand to larger communities.

We are proud members of Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia, Housing Industry of Australia and Caravan Industry Association of WA.


Our Story

Early 2019

Rob and Mavis were travelling throughout South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales in their 40’ Denning Motorhome. During that year, the inline caravan water filter purchased in Perth lasted just a few short weeks, or 800 litres. Disheartened with this lack of efficiency, they did without filtered water for several months.

This was despite having had water filtration systems in their Perth home over the previous 40 years.

Mid 2019

They both became unwell with symptoms of lowered immunity. Purchasing bottle water from supermarkets became their choice, experiencing first-hand their folly of drinking tap water.

However, this action did not resonate with them for three reasons:

1. Reducing the use of plastic had become a way of life for Rob & Mavis. Now they found themselves disposing of plastic bottles into shire bins every few days. Not a great feeling!

2. By the end of a few weeks, they looked at the amount it cost to purchase bottled water for all their daily water drinking needs. The cost: between 40c/L & $2.50/L or 90% – 2200% more than water from a high flow caravan filter: 5c/L

3. Whilst this tasted better than tap water, they became increasingly uncertain of how healthy bottled water really is.

August 2019

Mavis had a Naturopath stall at Gunnedah Field Days, with Rob assisting her. Opposite them was a stall promoting water filtration systems. Rob approached the owners to see if he could purchase a high quality motorhome water filter. One of the owners asked Rob many questions. When he realized that Rob had just retired after 40+ years in the building industry and that Mavis had similar years’ experience in the medical and natural therapies industries, he offered them the WA distributorship for his company: Aqua Plus Filtration.

Following that, Rob & Mavis did their own research into the company’s ethics. In addition, they worked alongside the owners at subsequent field days. It became obvious the owners had a very good rapport with past customers, engaging with and really listening to new customers.


WestOz Water Filters was founded by Rob and Mavis.


When Rob & Mavis created WestOz Water Filters, we searched in our hearts for a worthy Western Australian volunteer group to sponsor.

Having escaped the bushfires in our Australian travels 2019, as well as experiencing profound drought, this group came to our minds. With family living in Northam and our son in law Andrew a ‘firey’, our choice was made. Fabulous feeling to be Northam Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service sponsor.

Our Vision

Is to support Aqua Plus Filtration in being recognized as the leading distributor of high quality and efficient water filtration solutions, as we work with Western Australian families and businesses.

We achieve this by:

  • Education – sharing knowledge on why have your own water filtration system
  • Being cognizant of the unique benefits of each water filtration system
  • Offering the best, most cost effective systems to each and every customer
  • Providing exceptional after sales support to our loyal customers
  • Supporting our products with warranty programs

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